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Use the SQUIDLY DIDDLEY Luna Slider on clear and sunny days or, when there is a moderate tidal pull and fishing activity is heightened. The bright luminious colors of SQUIDLY DIDDLEY are designed to shine brillantly under the water and will incite the fish to you making it a day of commanding encounters with your target species.  


Unleashing the Power of High-Tech Fishing, Luna Sliders come with multi-colored flashing LED lights, brightly coloured frills, strategically placed acoustic rattles, interchangeable heads, a 60gm and 80gm weight in each packet, allowing for seamless adaptation to changing tides and conditions - this Luna has it all.


Get ready to conquer the waters like never before, experience fishing at its finest with Luna Sliders!




GST Included |
  • $5.99 standard freight rate for non-rural, shoe box sized deliveries. Additional charges apply for rural delivery, island delivery,  and large packages.

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