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Luna Softies are the zenith of soft baits, crafted from a high stretch, extremely luminous TPE material emerging as a prime alternative to live bait.


The Luna Softie goes beyond appearances – Softies are laced with a potent fish attractant that rapidly releases scent when it hits the water and, paired with its remarkable swimming action, your fishing endeavours are given a serious edge and a winning formula for reeling in big fish and making it a primo day out on the water,


Luna Softies are available in a pack of the 5 most favourite and successful colours. Luna Softies are durable, lifelike and are unmatched in performance delivering a versatile and inclusive solution for your fishing needs that will give you hours of fishing action.


GST Included |
  • Luna Softies:

    Softies are laced with fish attractant 

    5 of the most successful and favoured colours in the packet

    18cm long


    Huge amount of stretch

    Great for catching big ones!

    Keep Softies in the packet for long lasting baits


    Please:  Dispose of the packaging thoughtfully :)


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