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Prepare to be surprised by the Luna Critter, we’ve named the DRAGONFLY – a compact but mighty little powerhouse! Whether you're having a relaxing day out or,  you're up for a showdown with a feisty 20lb Snapper, this potent creation is expertly designed so you have an awesome day out on the water.


The DRAGONFLY is crafted from Tungsten ensuring that it is super strong and, we've adorned our Critters with vivid colours, top of the line BKK hooks and UV-reflective tassels.


Join the fishers who trust the Luna Critter for an extraordinary fishing adventure. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this little dynamo will have you reeling in the big ones, Kiwi-style." 


LUNA Tackle – Where your imagination becomes a reality.


GST Included |
  • Fisherman Tested
    Embellished coloured feathers for maximum allure, irresistible to our local fish.
    Fitted with premium BKK14 hooks for a secure catch.
    Compact and lightweight
    Fortified with robust split rings for added resilience.
    A proven shape that entices bites time and time again.
    Ideal for targeting a diverse range of saltwater table fish.
    Available size: 28g.  

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