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Unleash a whole new level of fishing mastery with Luna Sticks and unlock a great day of underwater excitement. 


Luna Sticks are highly luminious and feature a sleek, elongated profile that propels them swiftly to the epicenter of the action, ensuring they stay in the prime fishing zone. In ideal conditions, where the wind and tide are on your side, Luna Sticks can drop to surprising depths, plunging as far as 70 to 80 meters or even beyond if you’re out deep.


 What sets Luna Sticks apart is their uncanny ability to effortlessly attract a diverse cast of predators, including the coveted snapper, kahawai, and the majestic kingfish. 


Using Luna Tackle, you're not just fishing, you're engaging in a strategic battle of wits with the Oceans finest.



GST Included |
  • Delivery estimate 1-4 business days
    $5.99 standard freight rate for non-rural, shoe box sized deliveries. Additional charges apply for rural delivery, island delivery, dangerous goods and large packages.

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  • Mechanical Jigging: 
    Luna Sticks excel when mechanically jigged up from the seabed. Our expert tip is to avoid going beyond the halfway point, unless prompted by your fish-finder. This technique maximizes your chances of success and ensures you're in the right depth zone to attract those trophy catches.

    Varied Jigging Speed: 
    Control is the key. Experiment with different jigging speeds to adapt to changing conditions. Slower speeds can entice cautious fish, while faster ones can trigger aggressive strikes. Luna Sticks offer you the versatility needed to adapt to the ever-shifting behaviour of your prey.

    Yo-Yo Technique: 
    The yo-yo technique is an art form when using Luna Sticks. Lift and drop your lures near the ocean floor, creating an alluring and irresistible movement. This action can prove highly effective in tempting the curiosity of nearby predators.

    Blend Techniques: 
    For the angler seeking the ultimate challenge, blend all of the above techniques, mixing mechanical jigging with the yo-yo technique, creating a truly unique presentation that the fish can’t resist.

    Smash em!

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